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Danish Screenwriter, Composer and Web Designer Bjarne O. started out playing the drums in a warm-up band for Keith Emerson of Emerson, Lake & Palmer. Today, he's a multi-produced Screenwriter, a prolific Composer of Virtual Orchestra Music, and a sought-after Designer of Cutting Edge Websites. Bjarne O. has been produced for over 100 million; box office hit, hit TV series; won international awards. His music bridges Modern and Classical, West and East, and spans from Rock and Pop to Romance to Horror. 

Awarded the SILVER NYMPH in Monte Carlo for BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY for his debut: Comedy drama Eddie Holm's Second Life for Denmark's largest TV station DR, directed by Esben Høilund-Carlsen, and the Danish TV Movie that's been MOST VIEWED WORLD-WIDE. (The Danish TV drama production that comes closest is Matador.)​

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​“A wry, bittersweet comedy, stuffed with laughs that travel lightheartedly beyond the program’s native Denmark. Includes a refreshingly original series of situations, one- liners, well-bred winks, poignant romance and suspense. A deserved Nymph. " — VARIETY ​

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​“We would be very proud to count you among our members, and feel that your contribution would help the Academy to protect and strengthen European cinema as well as its artistic and commercial values." — European Film Academy

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