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Hybrid Orchestral Indie POP-ROCK

Combining indie Pop/Rock vocals with Orchestral

Hybrid Music for a different emotional effect.

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"Masterful Works of a Worldclass Composer: it sounds immaculate! The beautiful textures are ever evolving. I feel edified like a heartfelt prayer to God. All of the textures are epic and moving in every way. From one composer to another, you have reached the pinnacle...and have created something that will catch the ears and hearts og many many people."


It's all about finding the sweet spot. A website should be music for the eyes. 

"I absolutely love the site! You are a genius! You are an Artist!"

"You understood my vision of how a cool, modern and forward-looking mobile website should look like! I think this site matches the great flow of sites like Apple and Google Play, just to mention a few, you are definitely inspired my friend!"

"You helped in ways I did not even know what I needed."

Image by Liam Briese
Image by Chris Murray



(Best Original Screenplay)

A wry, bittersweet comedy, stuffed with laughs that travel lightheartedly beyond the program's native Denmark...a refreshingly original series of situations, one-liners, well-bred winks, poignant romance and suspense. A deserved Nymph."​ 


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